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A leading retailer of lifestyle essentials

Our Melbourne store

Located on Queen Street (a heritage listed building), The Source is central Melbourne’s leading retailer of “lifestyle essentials” - newspapers, magazines, cards and wrap, personal stationery, lifestyle products and convenience services. The store is on the site of one of the oldest newsagencies in Melbourne.

We aim to be the source of outstanding products and services - everything you see in our store, right down to every greeting card and gift is painstakingly hand selected to ensure you receive the best available.

In creating the overall look and feel of The Source, we have considered every detail of the customer experience. From the moment you step into our store it is obviously entirely different from any shop you have seen before.

The shop features a high quality New York loft style shop fit, an unbranded space, which is designed to draw your eye to the various products and services.

With our first shop, we hope to have transformed the traditional customer viewpoint of shopping at old-style newsagents, to a modern, and lifestyle-friendly store with great ambience.

This section of the website contains information about the products and services available.

We hope to see you in store soon!

Click here to view a slideshow of our Melbourne CBD store